Many Dutch people have a passion for barbecuing, just like Boretti has passione in cucina. It's for that reason, that the outdoor collection of outdoor collection of Boretti consists of robust barbecues and complete outdoor kitchens, transforming every garden into a giardino. In other words: with the Boretti outdoor collection, you can enjoy the outdoor life to the fullest. For example, thanks to their powerful burners, our versatile outdoor kitchens are suitable for both cooking, baking and grilling. Moreover, nearly every outdoor kitchen comes with a convenient thermometer in the hood, which means that you can measure the temperature with ease.

You will find an extensive selection of barbecues at Boretti. There are compact barbecues, that are practical for bringing with you on your weekend away, and numerous high-quality barbecues for use at home. Boretti also offers a wide range of charcoal barbecues for the barbecue enthusiast. For those who would like to have their meals ready extra fast, there are the gas barbecues. And specifically, for the barbecue enthusiast who can't decide, Boretti has developed barbecues that run on both charcoal and gas. Boretti offers the choice between charcoal barbecues, gas barbecues, and barbecues that work on both charcoal and gas.


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